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    Datasets Packages


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    Statistical data on power, metallurgy, building materials and chemical fertilizer industries, ranging from production, consumption to imports and exports.


    Datasets of the downstream industries not only indirectly reflect the demand for coal, but also indicate changes and development trends at those industries that could have far-reaching impact on the coal industry.


    Power industry

    Metallurgical industry

    Building materials industry

    Chemical fertilizer industry

      Products List

    1. China Power Output
    2. Stocks?at?Six?Major?Power?Plants
    3. Thermal Coal Stock of Key Power Plants
    4. China Thermal Power Output by Province
    5. China Hydro Power Output by Province
    6. Coal Consumption of Key Power Plants
    7. Coal Supply of Key Power Plants
    8. China Wind Power Output by Province
    9. Coal Burn for Unit Electricity Output
    10. China Nuclear Power Output by Province
    11. China Power Consumption
    12. China Power Monthly Consumption by Province
    13. Utilization Hour of Power Generating Set
    14. Water Levels of Major Chinese Hydroelectric Dams

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