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    Shanxi Coal

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    The first-ever breakdown of statistics on raw coal production and commercial coal supply of the 11 major coal cities of Shanxi province, as well as its outbound coal sales by provinces and industries.


    A well grasp of the Shanxi coal industry, China’s leading coal supply base, is essential for you to understand the Chinese coal industry. Shanxi contributes over half of China’s coking coal output and outbound sales; any changes in the province may have profound impact on coking coal prices in China and even the world.


    Raw coal output by city

    Commercial coal supply by city

    Coal outbound sales

      Products List

    1. Raw Coal Output by City
    2. Coking Coal Output by City
    3. Other Bituminous Coal Output by City
    4. Anthracite Output by City

    Raw Coal ProductionCommercial Coal SupplyOutbound Sales

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