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    China Anthracite Lump Market Analysis and Forecast (Dec 2019)

    2019-12-04 13:10:06 Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite coal market registered a generally weak streak in November, with prices of lump coal relatively stable while that ...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-12-03 11:25:35 Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market ran stable last week, with supply and demand fundamentals keeping generally unchanged from a week earlier...

    Japan Oct anthracite imports hit highest since this yr

    2019-11-28 14:58:01 Import & Export,  International,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    Japan posted the highest anthracite import volume of 646,900 tonnes since this year in October, showed data from the Japanese customs...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-11-26 11:15:32 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market ran generally steady as a whole last week, with prices of both lump and slack coal stabilizing after reduct...

    China Oct anthracite coal imports drop 39.3% YoY

    2019-11-25 11:59:36 Import & Export,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's imports of anthracite coal registered a 39.3% year-on-year drop in October, showed data from the General Administration of Cu...

    China Oct coking coal exports surge 42% YoY

    2019-11-25 11:35:19 Import & Export,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China exported 100,000 tonnes of coking coal in October, rising 42% from a year ago yet staying flat from the preceding month, accord...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-11-19 17:03:42 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market turned weaker last week, with declines of both lump and slack coal prices reported at main production areas...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-11-12 17:10:23 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market was mixed last week, as lump coal traded higher amid strong demand while slack coal prices were further wei...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-11-05 14:47:41 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market ran flat last week, with prices of lump coal still firm on good sales while slack coal staying weak on comp...

    China Anthracite Lump Market Analysis and Forecast (Nov 2019)

    2019-10-31 14:45:04 Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite coal market ran generally firm in October. Supply tightened at the beginning of October due to intensified product...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-10-29 10:44:09 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market was stable last week, with prices of lump coal and slack coal staying generally unchanged week on week. ...

    China Sep coking coal exports up 9.2%, anthracite up 22.5% YoY

    2019-10-23 15:53:46 Import & Export,  Coking Coal,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China exported 100,000 tonnes of coking coal in September, rising 9.2% from a year ago and 11.11% from the preceding month, according...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-10-21 17:23:51 Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market was mixed last week, with lump-coal prices edging up amid improving purchases from end users while slack co...

    Weekly China anthracite market analysis and forecast

    2019-10-15 08:55:10 Viewpoint,  Price,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    China's anthracite market improved last week, with 10-80 yuan/t price increases being heard at mines in main production areas buoyed ...

    Japan Aug anthracite coal imports jump 46.56% MoM

    2019-10-08 10:45:27 Import & Export,  Anthracite sxcoal.com

    Japan's anthracite coal imports registered a clear rise by 46.56% from a month ago in August and gained 8.57% from the preceding year...

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    1 China's Nov coal imports slump 19.1% MoM 2019-12-09

    China's coal imports plunged 19% in November from the previous month as tighter customs regulations curbed overseas shipments. The world's top coal importer brought in 20.78 million tonne

    2 Nippon Steel may cut more blast furnaces to reduce costs 2019-12-09

    Japan's top steelmaker Nippon Steel Corp may close more blast furnaces as part of plans to reduce domestic facilities to cut costs, said a senior executive, as falling demand and lower Asian steel pri

    3 Tankers running on fumes as shipping fuel switch causes delays 2019-12-06

    Disruption to shipping from the long-anticipated switch to more environmentally friendly marine fuels has finally arrived, exacerbated by logistical problems as much as any shortage of the cleaner fue

    4 China maintains long-term thermal coal prices within "green range" in Jan-Nov 2019-12-06

    China has generally maintained long-term thermal coal prices at stable and reasonable level, with supply and demand in loose balance since this year, said the China National Coal Association.

    5 China Coal Daily Track (Dec 6) 2019-12-06

    Thermal coal Production area Coal production dropped in Yulin of Shaanxi as some local large miners lowered operations after completing annual tasks. Some local mines raised coal prices slightl

    6 Indonesian thermal coal prices inclined to stabilize in near term 2019-12-06

    Indonesian thermal coal prices held largely steady in China's seaborne import market, a situation traders thought would continue in the short run, as both bullish and bearish factors were interweaved

    7 Chinese spot thermal coal loses ground on soured outlook 2019-12-06

    Spot thermal coal traded at China's Bohai-rim ports started losing ground after inching up for nearly a month, owing primarily to soured outlook after CHN Energy cut November monthly term contract pri

    8 Gazprom's natural gas production up in Jan-Nov 2019-12-06

    Russian giant Gazprom said its natural gas production during the past eleven months of 2019 had hit an estimated 454.2 billion cubic meters. Compared to the corresponding period in 2018,

    9 Inner Mongolia thermal coal prices slide in Nov, weakness to extend 2019-12-06

    Thermal coal prices in Inner Mongolia, China's biggest coal production base, dropped moderately amid weak demand in November, official data showed. Average mine-mouth settlement price for

    10 Shandong Rizhao port coal throughput keeps rising 2019-12-06

    Coal handlings have been on rapid increase at Rizhao port in eastern China's Shandong province, pointing to more significant role played by the transfer hub. With an annual growth a

    Most Read News Stories

    1 Russian energy giant looks to shed coal assets, reports say 2019-12-05

    In a grudgingly climate-friendly gesture, IrkutskEnergo, a major Siberian energy company, is moving to shed its coal assets – a sign that even Russian power producers are feeling the West's nascent ba

    2 China to merge coal-fired power assets at top utilities, slash capacity 2019-12-02

    China plans to merge the coal-fired power assets of its top five utility firms, cutting their combined coal-fired power capacity by up to a third by the end of 2021, according to a document seen by Re

    3 Newcastle Nov coal exports to China tumble 32.5% MoM amid tighter Chinese curbs 2019-12-03

    Newcastle port saw its coal exports from the two key terminals – Carrington and Kooragang – to China slumped by 32.5% month on month in November, as China tightened its import restriction on coal to k

    4 Glencore lowers 2019 coal output guidance to 140 mln T 2019-12-04

    Diversified miner Glencore has reduced its 2019 production guidance by 5 million to 140 million, due to recent Colombian volume reductions as well as a safety stoppage in South Africa, showed an inves

    5 Shanxi to halt production at accident-prone coal mines 2019-12-02

    Shanxi province, the second largest coal base in China, would order coal mines not in compliance with safety rules to halt operation, in a bid to rein in accidents that were on the increase recently.

    6 China to step up long-term thermal coal contracts for next yr 2019-12-03

    China will look to increase long-term contract volumes for thermal coal next year, in an effort to ensure stable supply and foster a smooth coal production, transport and sales system.

    7 China's 90 large coal producers Jan-Oct raw coal output up 1.5% 2019-12-04

    China's 90 large coal producers extracted a total 2.16 billion tonnes of raw coal over January-October, rising 32.73 million tonnes or 1.5% from a year earlier, showed data from China National Coal

    8 CHN Energy cuts Dec term contract coal prices, sources 2019-12-03

    China's top coal producer China Energy Investment Corporation, also known as CHN Energy, has cut down monthly contract prices for thermal coal sales in December, market sources said. Pric

    9 China's state-run utilities start integrating coal-fired assets in 5 NW provinces 2019-12-03

    Five China's state-owned power groups have recently launched a pilot project for regional coal-fired asset integration in five northwestern provinces, in an effort to alleviate their liabilities.

    10 NW China coal city to see 12.4 Mtpa of capacity back into operation 2019-12-04

    Yulin city, a major coal production city in northwestern China's Shaanxi, is expected see the 13th batch of coal mines, including four, resume operation after relevant documents have been submitted to

    Most Read Analysis & Comments

    1 An overview of Chinese coal imports in Oct 2019-11-27

    China's coal imports further lost strength in October, as utilities were not keen to buy amid high stocks and mounting concerns over tighter government restrictions. The world's top consu

    2 Chinese traders hold off thermal coal purchases as long-term contract talk nears 2019-11-26

    Many Chinese traders were holding off purchases in the domestic thermal coal market as the 2020 long-term contract negotiations draw nearer. The contract talk between leading coal miners

    3 Shanxi coking coal prices backed by output falls; Mongolia coal further weakens 2019-11-26

    Coking coal prices were backed by regional output falls in northern China's Shanxi province recently, as production was curtailed or suspended at some local mines, alongside stricter safety inspection

    4 Indonesian thermal coal sinks to 3-mth low in Chinese import market 2019-11-25

    Indonesian low-calorific value coal sank to a three-month trough late last week in Chinese import market, pressured down by reduced trading activity after China tightened import restrictions.

    5 China import thermal coal prices rebound on bullish outlook 2019-11-27

    Chinese seaborne import thermal coal market is embracing a rebound after some Indonesian miners raised offers for low-calorific value coal early this week. This is backed by expectations

    6 China coking coal prices mixed; Dec-laycan Australian coal edges up 2019-11-29

    Coking coal prices were mixed in many Chinese main production areas on November 28, with prices of low- and high-sulfur primary coking coal climbing up while that of blending coking coal sagging due t

    7 China thermal coal trades stay unprofitable despite improving market 2019-11-25

    Some Chinese domestic traders reported thermal coal trades were unprofitable for the time being at northern China ports, even though the market has improved since mid-November. "Brokers c

    8 China Coal Daily Track (Nov 25) 2019-11-25

    Thermal coal Production area Coal prices continued going up slightly at Shaanxi's Yulin, but miners expected the overall demand was not strong enough to supply sustaining increase. &

    9 Price rises spread in Shanxi coking coal market; Australian coal price edge recedes 2019-11-28

    Price increases of low-sulfur primary coking coal began spreading to more producing hubs in northern China's Shanxi province on November 27, alongside strong anticipation for tighter supply at mines a

    10 China thermal coal traders fret about downside pressure from contract talk 2019-12-03

    Participants in Chinese spot thermal coal market fretted about downside pressure from possible steadiness or downward adjustment of 2020 annual base price of long-term contract, after spot prices have

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