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    China spot thermal coal market continues to be lackluster

    2019-05-24 12:09:26 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal sxcoal.com

    Chinese spot thermal coal prices have been falling in fits and starts for weeks, as demand from end buyers was tepid for most of the ...

    China's met coke prices stabilize after the 3rd hike

    2019-05-24 11:41:28 Viewpoint,  Price sxcoal.com

    China's met coke prices stabilized after three consecutive hikes totaling 300 yuan/t since late-April. However, the pros...

    Hopes fading for rebound in China spot thermal coal market

    2019-05-23 17:58:03 Viewpoint sxcoal.com

    China's thermal coal market appears turning sour as lingering weak appetite from utilities bucked expectations for a demand pickup fo...

    Why biogas development lags behind in China?

    2019-05-23 17:00:33 Viewpoint,  Environmental Protection sxcoal.com

    The development of biogas, a renewable energy produced by the breakdown of organic matter, has been lagged in China in recent years, ...

    China's special steel face new challenges after reaching achievements

    2019-05-23 13:49:19 Viewpoint sxcoal.com

    While China's special steel industry has made miscellaneous achievements, it is still facing multiple challenges, especially the sh...

    Bearish sentiment clouds Chinese spot thermal coal market

    2019-05-23 11:55:33 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal sxcoal.com

    Chinese spot thermal coal market was clouded with bearish sentiment as demand turned sour. Some traders dumped cargoes to accelerate ...

    China met coke market buoyant amid active demand

    2019-05-23 11:35:16 Viewpoint,  Price sxcoal.com

    China's met coke market continued to run strong with the 3rd round of price increases generally being accepted by steel mills. ...

    BHP says outlook for coal challenged as no appetite for growth

    2019-05-23 09:52:01 Viewpoint,  International ptinews.com

    BHP, the world's biggest miner, said on May 22 the outlook for coal was "challenged" and there was "no appetite for growth" as it sou...

    China shall tweak steel exports strategy to suit ASEAN buyers

    2019-05-22 17:35:48 Viewpoint,  Import & Export sxcoal.com

    China needs to tweak its export strategy on steel products in a bid to cater to the changing appetites of buyers from Association of ...

    China's shale gas production comes up short

    2019-05-22 15:41:14 Viewpoint rfa.org

    After years of poor prospects and meager returns, China's state oil companies continue to pursue shale gas development despite signs ...

    Thermal coal prices edge lower at N China ports on weak demand

    2019-05-22 11:47:27 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal sxcoal.com

    Spot thermal coal prices moved slightly down at northern Chinese ports amid weak demand from utilities that currently have ample stoc...

    China met coke prices up accumulative 300 yuan/t since late-Apr

    2019-05-22 10:52:52 Viewpoint,  Price sxcoal.com

    Met coke prices at main Chinese producing areas have continuously trended higher since late-April. The expanding acceptance of mainst...

    High cost deters traders from shipping thermal coal cargoes to N ports

    2019-05-22 09:27:56 Viewpoint,  Price,  Thermal Coal sxcoal.com

    Traders were inactive in shipping cargoes to northern transfer ports as the total cost has already surpassed prices they could offe...

    Unbalanced development plagues China's coal industry

    2019-05-21 17:56:45 Viewpoint sxcoal.com

    An unbalanced development pattern is chronically plaguing China's coal industry, and the only way to get rid of it lies in the system...

    Full-blown trade war will push world toward recession - Morgan Stanley

    2019-05-21 14:12:57 Viewpoint reuters.com

    A collapse of U.S.-China trade talks and hike in tariffs on Chinese goods would push the world economy toward recession and see the F...

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    Editors Recommendations

    1 China Coal Daily Track (May 24) 2019-05-24

    Thermal coal Production area Coal production increased in Shaanxi's Yulin after a batch of private mines resumed operation. Some miners were also in preparation of production resumption. A few

    2 China spot thermal coal market continues to be lackluster 2019-05-24

    Chinese spot thermal coal prices have been falling in fits and starts for weeks, as demand from end buyers was tepid for most of the time though deals were concluded sporadically. The Fen

    3 China's import thermal coal prices to further weaken, traders 2019-05-24

    Prices of overseas thermal coal are poised to further weaken in Chinese seaborne import market in the days ahead even though the typical peak consumption season is soon to arrive, traders said.

    4 China Apr LNG imports up 35% YoY, GAC 2019-05-24

    China's liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports registered a surge of 35.1% from a year ago in April, latest customs data showed on May 23. China imported 4.54 million tonnes of LNG last mont

    5 China Apr thermal coal imports down nearly 14.6% on yr 2019-05-24

    China's imports of thermal coal (bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) dropped 14.56% year on year in April, showed data from the General Administration of Customs on May 23. April thermal

    6 S Korea met. coal import overview and analysis (Apr 2019) 2019-05-24

    South Korea's metallurgical coal imports hit a seven-month high in April with a significant increase from March, yet dipping a little from the same month last year. The imports have waved largely in

    7 Shaanxi announces to cut industrial electricity costs again, effective Jul 1 2019-05-23

    Shaanxi's government announced to cut electricity costs for industrial and commercial users effective July 1, local media reported, which is the second time since the province lower the costs in Apr

    8 Hopes fading for rebound in China spot thermal coal market 2019-05-23

    China's thermal coal market appears turning sour as lingering weak appetite from utilities bucked expectations for a demand pickup for pre-summer restocking. High coal stockpiles re

    9 China Coal Daily Track (May 23) 2019-05-23

    Thermal coal Production area Coal prices held steady at most mines in Shaanxi's Yulin with a balance between sales and production, while a few miners lowered their prices as demand weakene

    10 Bearish sentiment clouds Chinese spot thermal coal market 2019-05-23

    Chinese spot thermal coal market was clouded with bearish sentiment as demand turned sour. Some traders dumped cargoes to accelerate money return, while some others halted sales temporarily.

    Most Read News Stories

    1 Canada Ridley Apr coal exports slide 10.5pct on yr 2019-05-20

    Coal exports of Canada's Ridley Terminals posted a year-on-year decrease of 10.5% in April, showed the latest data. The volumes came in at 0.57 million tonnes, down from 0.64 million tonn

    2 China to allow users to apply for tariff exemption on US goods, coal on the list 2019-05-17

    China announced on May 13 that it will allow part of US imports free from additional tariffs after granting the applications of relevant interest parties. Coking coal, as well as anthracite and other

    3 China adopts further measures to lower power price 2019-05-16

    China announced to adopt the second batch of measures to help realize the country's yearly target of reducing power price by another 10% in industrial and commercial sectors, said a government stateme

    4 Weekly global coal market news summary (May 13-May 17) 2019-05-17

    Import thermal coal comes under pressure amid poor China demand Following further decline of Chinese yuan amid escalation of US-China trading rift, import thermal coal prices edged lower lat

    5 Weekly China coal market news summary (May 13-May 17) 2019-05-17

    China Apr raw coal output registers slower growth, NBS China saw a slower growth in raw coal production in April, as mines' operations were strictly restricted by frequent safety and environmen

    6 Vietnam Jan-Apr coal imports surge 2.23 times on yr 2019-05-13

    Vietnam imported 13.34 million tonnes of coal over January-April, surging 2.23 times from the preceding year, according to preliminary data released by Vietnam customs. As traditional coa

    7 S. Korea Apr thermal coal imports up 25.27% MoM 2019-05-15

    South Korea's thermal coal imports (including bituminous and sub-bituminous coal) climbed significantly in April compared with a month ago. The country imported a total 7.58 million tonne

    8 Weekly natural gas market news summary (May 13-May 17) 2019-05-17

    China Apr natural gas output up 7.9% YoY China's natural gas output came in at 14.1 billion cubic metres (bcm) in April, up 7.9% from the same month a year earlier, but the lowest level sinc

    9 China's CGN Energy to invest $251 mln in Brazil's wind, solar projects 2019-05-17

    Chinese company CGN Energy International Holdings Co Ltd will invest $251 million in solar and wind energy in Brazil's Bahia state, local government announced recently. The investment wil

    10 Weekly new energy news summary (May 13-May 17) 2019-05-17

    Global energy investment steadies at $1.85 trln after 3-yr fall, IEA Global energy investment steadied at nearly $1.85 trillion last year after three years of decline, with slowing energy effic

    Most Read Analysis & Comments

    1 China thermal coal market turnaround on the cards 2019-05-06

    Thermal coal market is likely to improve at northern China ports, backed by active restocking from utilities and traders' speculative buying. A lot of power producers are set to kic

    2 Chinese spot thermal coal market holds steady 2019-05-08

    Chinese spot thermal coal market ended a rather underwhelming day with both supply and demand almost unchanged at northern transfer ports. With bullish and bearish factors interweaved, on

    3 Indonesian thermal coal gains in China, Australian coal under pressure 2019-05-09

    Indonesian thermal coal further gained steam in Chinese seaborne import market after a week of slow recovery, buoyed by decreased supplies from the country amid Ramadan. A few large Chine

    4 Falling Chinese yuan dampens domestic buying appetite for import coal 2019-05-14

    Chinese buying interest for overseas thermal coal subdued, due to the fall of Chinese yuan triggered by the suspension of China-US trade negotiations after the U.S President Donald Trump raised tariff

    5 Chinese traders expect a weaker spot thermal coal market this week 2019-05-13

    Chinese traders anticipated thermal coal prices to weaken at northern China's Bohai-rim ports this week following stableness in the past week. Utilities' buying appetite has stayed lukewa

    6 High cost to limit downside room for China thermal coal 2019-05-15

    Spot thermal coal prices are less likely to drop much at northern China ports, underpinned by firm cost and expectations for pre-summer stockpiling. It is more likely for spot price

    7 China spot thermal coal market seen in lack of upward strength 2019-05-10

    Upward trend seemed losing steam in spot thermal coal market at northern China ports, as stockpiles stay high while demand tends to remain soft for the days ahead. Coal stocks kept

    8 Indonesian thermal coal trades into China deferred by high prices, traders 2019-05-10

    Trades of Indonesian thermal coal into China have been deferred by rising prices this week, which seemed to have put a brake on price pickups on May 9 and add an uncertain shade to the short-term mark

    9 Indonesian, Australian thermal coal remain strong in Chinese market 2019-05-07

    Indonesian and Australian thermal coal offers stayed strong in Chinese seaborne import market, though trades were yet to improve after the May Day holiday and no clear market signs emerged.

    10 Indonesian thermal coal prices soften on lack of demand 2019-05-16

    Offer prices of Indonesian spot thermal coal cargoes edged down amid a lack of demand from Chinese buyers rattled by the falling Chinese yuan caused by US-China trade rift. One Zhejiang-b

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